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Kelley Day, Psychotherapist, Boulder CO

Thanks for stopping by to check it out. My name is Kelley Day and I’m a Registered Psychotherapist in Boulder, CO. I am grateful for the chance to share a little about what I offer and how I might be of help to you. Please forgive the appearance while it’s under construction. Besides providing information about my counseling services and approach, I hope to be a resource for you with ideas and new perspectives about living a healthy and fulfilling life. Check back often for continuing changes and new educational information and offerings.

Reaching Out

I just want to acknowledge that it can be pretty intimidating or even scary to reach out and call a therapist. At the very least it can be awkward and you might be uncertain if counseling is even a good idea. It takes courage just to be doing what you are already doing by researching online.

If you decide to get in touch with a counselor, you might be wondering “What do I say?” or “How much information do I share?” or “What if I don’t like him or her?” All of this is normal and it’s what most people go through when thinking about seeing a counselor, even if you’ve been to counselors before. I honor your strength in taking the next step.

Finding the Right Therapist (coming soon)

What to Expect New Clients





Do you feel…

stuck, trapped, confused, lost, disconnected, or out of place

My passion is working with people who find themselves feeling like something is changing or needs to change. When this happens, it is usually very uncomfortable and can be really painful. These experiences are often opportunities to transform into more of who you truly are. If you are feeling like you can’t go back, but you can’t figure out the way forward, I’d be honored to guide and counsel you as you find your way.

We might work well together if you want to...

• Change old conditioned patterns and practice a new way of being

• Uncover & express the real you

• Heal from past or present experiences that keep holding you back

• Live with more clarity, calmness, and compassion

• Have more satisfying relationships

• Handle stressful situations with more ease

• Find and embrace your inner strength and power

• Feel more connected to yourself and others

• Feel more connected to something bigger than yourself

Present-focused & Integrative

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The natural state of each human being is one of strength and wholeness. Sometimes that natural state gets clouded over. Working together we find ways to tap back into that natural state, while discovering and practicing new ways of being in the world, all in a safe environment. The present moment is the doorway to change. Authentic experience, expression, and relationship are the keys. We collaborate in the work to tailor it to your individual needs and style, integrating mindfulness, body- and brain-based approaches, energy & transpersonal psychology, experiential exercises, education, and importantly, humor and play. This work honors all of you – body, mind, energy, and spirit, as well your social and cultural worlds.

Present Moment

I invite you to an initial consultation at no charge to see if we'd be a good fit Contact Me