What If You Are Supposed to be Living a Different Life?

Posted on Jul 17, 2012 in Featured, New Clients

What If You Are Supposed to be Living a Different Life?

By that I don’t mean what if you were supposed to be an astronaut instead of an accountant or you were supposed to live in Hawaii instead of Longmont (although that could happen too!). I mean that deep, nagging sense that something is off or not working or what you thought you wanted turns out not to bring you what you long for. Or you might feel it’s you who is if off or not working properly or who you think you are isn’t expressing all that you have inside. And I’m inviting you to consider…what if the nagging and discomfort and pain is a message for you to check it out.

If you have a cut on you arm and it hurts, you check it out and do what you can to help it heal. If you don’t, it could get worse and hurt more and have additional consequences. Sometimes you can take care of it yourself with what you already have and know. And sometimes you need to seek help when it’s beyond what you can do on your own. Sometimes it can mean everything to just have someone be with you as you care for yourself, especially when it feels dark, scary, unknown, and alone.


There can be a lot of reasons for discomfort and pain and irritation and hopelessness in your life – and why it can be so hard to do anything about it. We commonly develop lots of armor and protection and coping strategies through our lives, to get by, to manage our pain, to do what we think we should be doing, even to survive the best way we know how. To some extent we will always need effective coping and protection skills. Those protections and blockages got us this far! But if you are here, I’m guessing something in you knows they are no longer working for you as they are.


Something in you wants to live differently, to be more fully who you are.


Almost like something is calling you. But you can’t quite hear it clearly. Or maybe you hear it clearly, but you feel trapped by external forces and situations, or maybe you even feel held in place by yourself. You might even know what you should do next or do differently, but for some reason, you can’t make that shift.


When you are experiencing a calling, or some other sign that something isn’t right or isn’t satisfying, it can show up in a lot of different ways.

  • You might feel stuck or trapped or lost or confused or just out of place.
  • You might feel depressed or anxious or chronically stressed.
  • You might be finding it hard to make decisions or stay on course because you keep changing you mind based on the advice and pressures from the outside and the conflicting voices and ideas inside you.
  • You may have suffered a loss of a loved one or had a significant change in your life (wanted or unwanted) and you can’t seem to find even ground in the way you might have before.
  • You might be experiencing a new phase of life, such as leaving high school, or becoming a new parent, or moving into “middle age” and things just feel unsettled and confusing, maybe even mysterious and strange.
  • Your relationships that used to be just fine are becoming more strained and confusing or maybe you are having a hard time building satisfying relationships.
  • Your job (paid or unpaid) might feel like it doesn’t fit anymore or just in general, you feel pretty lost and confused about your life direction and purpose – but you’re pretty sure there should be one.

All of these (and more) are common indications that the old way isn’t going to cut it anymore. Something in you wants more. Something inside is talking to you – but you can’t figure it out yet. You can’t “get rid of it” for long. It’s not going to go away.


As painful and scary as this can be, this is good news!


The deepest part of who you are is full of wisdom. That aspect of you is in touch with information and knowledge far beyond what our filtering, cognitive, thinking minds allow to come through. Our ability to pick up information from our environment and from each other is well beyond what we typically think. I live from the view that we also have access to information and energies from something bigger than our individual selves.


What if you could access that information when you choose and have it come through more clearly? What if you knew yourself well enough that you could recognize when conditioning or old patterns start running the show? What if you could give some relief to those parts of yourself that feel burdened by wounds from the past or the expectations of the future and from the heavy load of protecting you from the world or even from yourself? Another way to ask all of this is:


What if you were fluent in your own inner language, knew how to tap into and live in your true power, and could respond and make choices from that place? What would your life look like then? What would it feel like to be you in this world?


You could begin to make different choices. You could see yourself, your relationships, your career, your life purpose and direction, you could see the whole world through new, wiser eyes. You could feel calmer, clearer, more compassionate, more confident, more creative, and more connected. You could begin to step into the life you choose to live. You could live in more joy and with more freedom. It takes courage. It takes curiosity.  It takes awareness. It takes practice.


You can do this. And you don’t need to do it alone.


I am here to walk along with you, to guide and support you, sometimes to challenge you, to witness the truth and the power of who you really are. I am here to coach you in some skills you maybe never had a chance to develop fully. I am here to help you to learn your inner language and through that, your inner knowing. I am also here to help you integrate all of this so that it becomes part of who you are and how you express your life.

I bring the knowledge and experience about the ways human beings work and ways to nurture growth and help make real change. You are the expert on you and your experience. You bring your “youness” which is unique and very much needed in this world.


Together, we collaborate in new experiences, true expression, and real relationship as you begin to live differently with more choice and more joy.


If you would like to know more or if you feel ready to begin, I’d love to meet with you and see if we might be a good fit – or if there is other support that might be more helpful to you. I offer 1/2 hour initial consultations at no charge. You can call me at 303-810-4299 or click here to send an email: