The Time Is Now

Posted on Jul 16, 2012 in Featured, Present Moment

The Time Is Now

It can be a real challenge to be here now. Although we are human beings, we are habituated to be human doers. To be here now requires skills that generally aren’t emphasized in our culture, at this point in time. In fact, we are often conditioned to do the opposite. But we are amazing creatures and we can unlearn and relearn if we choose to.

In this moment, you have access to what you really need the most.  In this moment, you have access to the aliveness that underlies all you are and all you do. There is a deep intelligence in that aliveness. It is the life of the universe. And it is here now.


Some skills required to be here in the moment:

  •  Mindfulness –  awareness of present experience with acceptance
  • Awareness – feel or perceive what is happening inside and outside of ourselves
  • Attention – hold focus on one thing out of a field of things
  • Emotional regulation – manage feelings, thoughts, body processes, and behaviors experienced during emotion without becoming overwhelmed or shutting down
  • Capacity to live in ambiguity – can “ride the wave” of “not knowing”
  • Body awareness – perceives sensations in one’s body and recognizes it as communication


Getting a sense of how and when you use these skills in your everyday life and continuing to develop them is part of our work together. Through education, experiences, and practice during sessions and on your own, you will strengthen your skills and develop a new kind of relationship with yourself. You just might be amazed at how much you can do and experience that you just didn’t think was possible before.


**picture from Paulo Coelho’s Facebook Page: