Working with the Past and Future through the Present

Posted on Jul 16, 2012 in Featured, Present Moment

Working with the Past and Future through the Present

We all have things and people from our past that continue to influence us strongly. Some we like and some we don’t. Some we aren’t consciously aware of. Some we can never be aware of in a usual conscious way because they happened before our brains were developed enough to store that kind of information (but the information was stored in other parts of our brain and body). It can be really important to explore these and have a sense of what is there. Sometimes we need to tell our stories (especially if we never have before). But we can also tend to get stuck here. And that gets us nowhere.


It is in the present moment that we are able to actually process (digest) the pieces of the past that are stuck, on a loop, or that have unknowingly programmed us to feel, think, or react in repeating patterns. The information stuck inside us from the past does not just go away, anymore than undigested food just disappears from our digestive tract. It has to be processed and transformed into something we can use and whatever can’t be used will be released.


Looking to the future can be energizing and stimulating. It can also feel overwhelming, unclear, or dismal. We have the gift of foresight and imagination to envision great things. We can also use these gifts to worry and paralyze ourselves.


Again, it is in the present moment that we have access to much more information about what is true and even what is beyond what we can imagine based on the past (inspiration). It is in the present moment that we can stabilize ourselves and experience what is – and from that place take right action to build or move towards what we choose.